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The Past Simple

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1. Write the past simple of the following REGULAR VERBS:

a) arrive      b) start      c) stop      d) study      e) play
f) talk      g) revise      h) fix      i) watch      j) happen

2. Write the past simple of the following IRREGULAR VERBS:

a) win      b) begin      c) drive      d) read      e) cut      f) put
g) choose      h) send      i) eat      j) understand      k) leave

3. Choose the correct option and match with the correct picture:


a) The teacher  us something very difficult yesterday morning.
b) Laura  a very good mark in the test.
c) Sara  to the supermarket last Saturday, she  to the hairdresser.
d) John  the race. He finished in the last position!
e) I  the car to the garage. It needed repairing.
f) The students  the classroom for the end-of-term party.
g) Anna  the book she was looking for. Someone had borrowed it.

4. Change the following negative sentences into the affirmative:
a) Sally didn't pass her driving test. .
b) We didn't understand the explanation. .
c) The boy didn't steal my purse. .
d) Sergio didn't come from Spain. .
e) The students didn't ask the doubts to their teacher. .
5. Choose the right question for the following answers:
a)   Yes, I liked it a lot!
b)  I bought them in a nice shop in the centre.
c)  It took me two hours.
d)  No, I didn't find him there.
e)  I ate some spicy meat with rice. It was delicious!
f)  Yes, of course! I practiced a lot!
g)  No, I didn't arrive on time. I missed the train.
h)  No, she didn't. She got nervous and couldn't park the car.
i)  I watched TV with my parents.
j)  Yes, I did.
6. Now it's your turn. Ask questions for the following answers:
a)  Yes, I went to the cinema.
b)  No, my sister didn't pass the exam.
c)  Yes, I liked the present!
d)  No, I didn't see Michael at the party.
e)  No, Peter didn't finish his homework.