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Life in Pompeii

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1- Watch the video and complete the following text:

Ancient Rome controlled the (1)  Mediterranean sea. Pompeii was an important port town of 20000 people and an important (2)  / .

The main square or forum was Pompeii’s commercial, religious and (3) centre.

In good Roman style, the city was (4) , with a great street plan contained within its walls. Remains of homes give a glimpse into Roman (5) .

Pompeii’s impressive baths were just past the gymnasium. After (6)  /, Romans would relax, be pampered and enjoy the social scene in a public bath.

In the tepidarium, Romans coming from the gymnasium were massaged by (7) who used creams, perfumes and oils. After the tepidarium, the went into the calidarium, which was the (8) / . And the last stop was the frigidarium or cold bath, which was used to harden the muscles and improve body circulation.

In Pompeii there was always water (9) along the roads, washing them, that’s why you can find (10) stones to go from one sidewalk to the other. In this way, Romans avoided wet feet.

In 79 AD thousands of people died after the eruption of the volcano. Under the volcanic material, (11) found the bodies in the same positions they had died.