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grammar test advantage 1 unit 1 & 2

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Fill in the gaps in the story with verbs in the Present Simple. Choose verbs from the list (some verbs are extra). to ask, to ask, to earn (negative form), to enjoy, to find, to give, to knock, to sleep, to wash (negative form), to bring (question form), to date, to work, to work (negative), to wash.


Slim Skinty and Ellie Trampter are very poor. They 1), so they 2) any money. However, they 3) their lives. Slim Skinty often 4) under a bridge or in the park. He 5) food in rubbish bins and 6) his clothes in the river. He never 7) anyone for money. In contrast, Ellie often 8) on the doors of big houses and 9) for somewhere to stay. Sometimes the people 10) her food and clothes.


EX2: Make negative sentences (N) or questions (Q) or negative questions (NQ) of the following sentences

1.         The supermarket is open late (N)              

2.         Your friends speak English (Q)  

3.         Karen likes playing volleyball (N)  

4.         You are very tall (Q)  

5.         She has a shower in the morning (Q)  

6.         You are good at sports (NQ)  

7.         They want to buy a new house (Q)  

8.         John has got two brothers (Q)  

9.         Sam has lunch in the cafeteria (N)  

10.       She works for Donald Trump (NQ)  


EX3: Rewrite the sentences putting the words in the correct order

1.          usually/doesn’t/wear/Maria/make up

2.          morning/I/hardly/am/the/in/tired/ever

3.          lights on/always/she/with/sleeps/the

4.           homework/I/my/never/after/do/dinner

5.          often/you/Matthew/do/how/see/?


EX4: Complete the sentences with some/any/someone/somebody/ anybody/anything/anywhere/a/an/the/NO article/something.

1.     We don’t buy  flowers. We are allergic to them!

2.     Tomorrow evening I am going out with  friends of mine.

3.     I was too surprised to say  .

4.     There’s  at the door. Can you go and see who it is?

5.     “Do you live  near Milan?”

6.     Can I have  milk in my coffee?

7.     Why are you looking under the bed? Have you lost ?

8.     Where shall I sit? You can sit  you like.

9.     Can I have  cup of tea?

10.  John is going to  American university next year.

11.   lunch at school is at 1:05 pm.

12.   book we are reading at school is very interesting. Usually I don’t like  books.

13.   Math is a difficult subject.

14.  My mother hasn’t got  car. She goes to work by train.


EX5: Write an appropriate question to the answer given.

Q:            A: It’s 10 o’ clock.

Q:             A: No, I don’t like chocolate

Q:            A: Yes, they have got a car.

Q:             A: At school they study Maths and Science.

Q:             A: They study Maths at school.

Q:            A: No, they aren’t tired, they are hungry.

Q:             A: In my bag I have got a camera and my wallet.

Q:             A: I attend school at Liceo Scientifico Sacro Cuore.


EX7: Complete the sentences with the correct preposition   

1    I don’t go out very often ........... the weekend ............... winter.

2    I go to bed late ........... night and I get up late ............ the morning, usually ........... 11.

3    My birthday is ........... 20th November. I was born ................ 1994.

4    ................. August I always go to Spain. I stay with my family ............... Christmas day.

5    I don’t go to school ............ Sunday.

6. We’ve got two weeks of holiday………… Easter.

7. Our English test is ……………. 24th April.