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Write the words/ phrases above next to the right definition. use capital letters.

vToxic gases expelled by cars. ()

vThe rise in temperature caused by gases in the atmosphere. ()

vAnimals which are in danger of becoming extinct. ()

vThe process by which the Earth is heated when the atmosphere traps heat from the sun. ()

vPolluted water falling from the clouds. ()

vA type of spray containing pressurized liquid. ()

vPollution of the atmosphere. ()

vA dense forest in a tropical region. ()

vIt protects us from the sun�s ultraviolet radiation. ()

vThe natural world in which people, animals and plants live. ()

vThe power that comes from coal, electricity, gas, etc. that is used for producing heat. ()

vCutting down trees over a large area. ()

vPut used objects and materials through a process so that they can be used again. ()

vA person who wants to protect the environment. ()

vA chemical substance that is used for killing animals, especially insects that eat food crops. ()

vAdd a chemical substance which will make the water dirty or harmful. (���� )

vA large body in space that moves around the sun. ()


A.��� air pollution��

B.��� recycle

C.��� ozone layer

D.�� acid rain

E.��� rainforest������

F.��� global warming

G.�� energy�����������

H.��� aerosol spray

I.���� endangered animals

J.���� exhaust fumes

K.��� environment����

L.��� planet

M.�� environmentalist

N.�� greenhouse effect

O.�� pesticide��������

P.��� water contamination

Q.�� deforestation������