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eat your heart out

the apple of his eye

pushing up the daisies

on top of the world

see eye to eye

down in the mouth

go bananas

got under my skin

call it a day

held his tongue.

dead duck

being driven up the wall

air your dirty laundry in public

bee in her bonnet

a bowl of cherries

can of worms

pay her back

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate idioms above.

1.����� The project was a from the start due to a lack of funding.

2.����� She'd just discovered she was pregnant and she felt

3.����� The hotel is wonderful and the weather too. Life's just

4.����� His youngest son was

������5.������ I decided toand refuse to help her.

6.����� Weon most important issues.

7.����� I was brought up to believe that it was wrong to

����� 8.����� She'll if she sees the room in this state.

9.����� George had learned to accept these little insults. He

���� 10.It won't affect me anyway. I'll belong before it happens.

11.It really when he said women were bad drivers.

12.I was by their silly chatter.

13.Quite what we do with all the waste generated by this industry is another.

14.She's got a real about people keeping their dogs under control.

15.I'm taking singing lessons. Celine Dion,�����������������!

16.After playing together for 20 years the band have finally decided to.

17.Jake looks a bit. Shall we try to find out what's wrong?