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Present perfect

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Present perfect

Complete with the present perfect of the given verbs:

                                                               Do not use contracted forms.
  1. I here since I was born.(live)
  2. They Mary.( already/meet)
  3. Tom in Santa Claus.(always/believe)
  4. Where in London? (you/stay)
  5. Who abroad? (never/be)
  6. What recently? Has he read a lot? (he/do)
  7. I Margaret. (just/see)
  8. They about it since the accident. (not/talk)
  9. Mary lately? (you/see)
  10. Where now? (she/go)
  11. 12.Oh no! your book again? (you/lose)
  12. He me for a long time. (not/contact)
  13. Donīt tell me my invitation! (you/forget)
  14. sushi?  (you/ever/taste)
  15. to the zoo? (you/already/go)
  16. We three times this year. (camp)
  17. She me. (just/phone)
  18. She here since 2004. (work)
  19. I know Anne, I  her all my life. (know)
  20. I the exercise. (just/finish)