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Downloadable worksheets:
This, That, Those, These (using clothes vocabulary)
Level: elementary
Age: 11-17
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"The Media" - a 90-minute lesson (or 2 45m-lessons) to introduce the TasK on this topic for Upper Intermediate or Lower advanced Students
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Age: 13-17
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Age: 6-17
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Parents and education
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Age: 13-14
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Our Freetime: What are you going to do this weekend?
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Age: 8-11
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"I Love My Room" - (1st 45-minute-lesson of 2 and 3rd on this series) Reading for Upper Elementary and Lower Intermediate Students
Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Downloads: 1787


Look at the pictures carefully and complete the sentences with THIS, THAT, THESE orTHOSE.

Jane says:

is a cat. 

is a lorry.

  are oranges.

  is an aeroplane.

  are trees.

  is a teddy bear.

  are cows.

  are books.

Lucy says:

  are scissors.

  are balloons.

  is a pencil case.

  is a bicycle.

  is a pencil sharpener.

  is a taxi.

  are trainers.
  are houses.

Roy says:

  is a pencil.                                      

  is a dog.

  are horses.

  is a computer.

  are glasses.

  is a church.

  are apples.

  are children.


  is a clown.

  are elephants.

  are tissues.

  is a key.

  are toys.

  are rhinos.

  is a taxi.

  is a hamster.