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This - that - these - those worksheet preview
This - that - these - those

Can animals do this (Can or can't) worksheet preview
Can animals do this (Can or can't)

This, that, these, those worksheet preview
This, that, these, those

Demonstratives worksheet preview

Demonstratives worksheet preview

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Look at the pictures carefully and complete the sentences with THIS, THAT, THESE orTHOSE.

Jane says:

is a cat. 

is a lorry.

  are oranges.

  is an aeroplane.

  are trees.

  is a teddy bear.

  are cows.

  are books.

Lucy says:

  are scissors.

  are balloons.

  is a pencil case.

  is a bicycle.

  is a pencil sharpener.

  is a taxi.

  are trainers.
  are houses.

Roy says:

  is a pencil.                                      

  is a dog.

  are horses.

  is a computer.

  are glasses.

  is a church.

  are apples.

  are children.


  is a clown.

  are elephants.

  are tissues.

  is a key.

  are toys.

  are rhinos.

  is a taxi.

  is a hamster.