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Song: The best (by Tina Turner)

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������The best��( by Tina Turner)���
Listen to the song and complete the missing words:
call��� wild��� everything��� heart
I you when I need you, my �'s on fire.
You come to me, come to me and wild����������������������������������
When you come to me
Give me �I need.�������������������������������������
Now choose the correct ending for each sentence:
Give me a lifetime of ....
speak a language of ....
and it can't .....
Take my heart and ...
Choose the right option:
You're simply the , better than all the rest
Better than anyone, I�ve ever met
I�m stuck on your , and hang on every word you say
Tear us apart, baby, I would rather be
Two words are repeated in each line. Find them:
In your heart I see the start of �night and day
In your eyes I lost, I �washed away
Just �long I�m here in your arms
I could be in no better place
Put the sentences in the correct order:
�I can feel you even when I�m alone
�you�re walking away with my heart and my soul
�Oh baby, don�t let go
�each time you leave me I start losing control