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Present Simple or Present Continuous?

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Present Simple or Continuous
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Present Simple or Present Continuous?
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Worksheet: Simple Present or Present Continuous?
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Simple Present or Present Continuous
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Age: 10-17
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Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
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1. Complete with a verb in the PRESENT SIMPLE or PRESENT CONTINUOUS:

a) Anne (read) the newspaper in the living room at the moment.
b) Costin usually (walk) to school every morning.
c) I (not/understand) this word.
d) Daniel (look up) a word in the dictionary right now.
e) What (you/do) at the moment?
f) How often (you / listen) to classical music?
g) I always (work) hard to pass my exams.
h) David never (work) hard to pass his exams.
i) Where (David/go) right now? He (go) to the supermarket.
j) We (not/have lunch) now. We (watch) TV.

2. Change the following sentences into the negative. Use short forms:

a) Annie revises her notebook before exams. .
b) I'm dancing at the moment. .
c) We're giving a party on Saturday. .
d) George drives his car to work every morning. .
e) We do a lot of homework. .
f) Jane is checking the grammar reference now. .
g) They are looking for you in the garden. .

3. Ask questions for the following answers:

I play football once a week.
Yes, I love pizza.
No, Mike hates broccoli.
I live in Oxford.
Yes, I am listening to music.
No, my sister isn't singing.
No, I don't work on Saturdays.

4. Do, Does, Am, Is, Are? Use short forms for the negative.

a) We (not) doing our English homework at the moment.
b) you speaking with your sister?
c) you prefer cake or fruit?
d) Anne go to the cinema with you on Sundays?
e) I trying to concentrate, but there is a lot of noise.
f) Our friends surfing on the Internet.
g) Liz (not) help her parents with the housework.
h) Peter checking the vocabulary.
i) My brother (not) watching TV.
j) he like music?
k) you make your bed every morning?
l) you ever visit museums?
m) How often you visit your grandparents?
n) Claire working hard to pass her tests.
o) I speaking with Mr Welsh?
p) your parents coming to the meeting?