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Snow White

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Read the text and answer the questions.

        SNOW WHITE

   Once upon a time there was a little girl called Snow White. She has no father and mother because, they were died but she only has a step mother who has a magic mirron. Every morning she asked her mirror  '' Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? ''. The mirror always answered her  '' You my lovely queen. You are the most beautiful queen in all the world ''.
    One day, when the queen asked her mirror to tell her who is the most beautiful queen in the world, the mirror said that Snow White is more beautiful than her. The evil queen got really angry and told a hunter to kill Snow White and bring her, her heart. However, he couldn't do that so, he decided to kill a deer instead. He also adviced Snow White to go and hind in the forest.
    Snow White went to the forest and found a tiny house which belonged to 7 dwarfs. Nobody was in so, she decided to get inside. The house was really in a mess. Snow White decided to clean up everything. The animals also helped her. After that, she felt tired and she went to sleep in one of the bedrooms.
    Later, when the drawfs arrived from work, saw Snow White sleeping in a bed and got really scared. When she woke up, she told them why she was there and they let her to stay with them.
    Next day, when the evil queen asked her mirror again, he answered that Snow White is more beautiful then her, she still alive and she is in drawf's house. The queen got angry and decided to give Snow White a poisonous apple.
     When Snow White ate the apple she felt asleep and when the 7 drawfs found her lying on the floor, the put her on a special decorated bed and cried all together. Fortunatelly, a prince was coming, and when he kissed Snow White she got up and lived happily with the prince.

    What did the evil queen give to Snow White?                            Who kisses Snow White?   
    How many were the drawfs?                                                         Where did Snow White go in the forest?