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Past simple and past continuous

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1) Write past simple or past continuous�in the gaps:
1)�When the post man� (arrive), my father (have a shower)
2) While my brother (study), my�grandma (make) some muffins
3) I (go)�to the doctor 2 days ago because I (have) a terrible headache�
4) When I (be) 10, I (eat) a sandwich every evening
5) He�(miss) the train because he (talk) with some friends
6) The thieves (come) �into the house while the man (sleep)
7) I (drink)�a glass of water at eleven. I'm not thirsty now
8) you (write) the composition last week?
9) My mother� (not/be) at home when she (fall) down the stairs
10) The children� (plant) a tree when their mummy� (call)��them
2) Write the most suitable words in each gap (ago, yesterday, last, while, when, as, on, in, at)
1) Tommy's father worked in that office 2 years
2) The plane was flying �8 p.m.
3) My best friend went to London �month
4) I was having dinner, my sister was having a shower
5) did the supermarket close?
6) Your aunt studied German �2001
7) Rose played in an orchestra �she was 12 years old
8) Jason was swimming� his girlfriend was drinking a coke
9) The TV broke 26th October
10) did he�deliver the shopping?
11) My father's friend had a baby
12) The suspect can't have committed the crime. He was having dinner in the restaurant that time
13) My cousin bought the PSP he was in London
3)�Which sentence is the correct one?
1) a) The men were studying on the new project all day yesterday�����
���� b)�The men was studying on the new project all day yesterday�������
���� c)�The men�studied on the new project all day yesterday���
2)��a)�When�were you finishing your�project?�������
�����b)�When did you finish your�project?
�����c) When were you finish your project?
3)��a) You didn't be in the party yesterday
���� b) you didn't were in the party yesterday
���� c) You weren't in the party yesterday�
4)��a) My sister watched TV while his husband was playing with the children
�����b)�My sister was watching TV while her husband was playing with the children��������
�����c) My sister was watching TV while his husband played with the children
5)��a) The students were talking when the teacher was arriving
�����b) The students talked when the teacher was arriving
�����c) The students were talking when the teacher arrived
4)�Fill the gaps with�past simple /continuous. Afterwards, write the main verb in the crossword and match�the sentence with each picture
��������������� ������� ���� � ���� ��������� ��������������� �������� ����������������
1 8
1) Mr. Stevenson �(drive) his car while he was listening to some music
2) Robert �(type) the letter last week because his computer was broken
3) Louis fell asleep while he �(study)
4) Lydia was drinking a glass of coke when Peter (come) in
5) While Michael was�jogging , the dog��(chase) him
6) Mrs. Parker (make) some muffins 2�days ago
7) Sam and Pam (ride) their bikes when they�were small
8) Joe �(run) as he was phoning his wife