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Past simple and past continuous

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1) Write past simple or past continuous in the gaps:
1) When the post man   (arrive), my father  (have a shower)
2) While my brother  (study), my grandma  (make) some muffins
3) I  (go) to the doctor 2 days ago because I (have) a terrible headache 
4) When I  (be) 10, I  (eat) a sandwich every evening
5) He  (miss) the train because he  (talk) with some friends
6) The thieves  (come)  into the house while the man  (sleep)
7) I  (drink) a glass of water at eleven. I'm not thirsty now
8) you (write) the composition last week?
9) My mother  (not/be) at home when she  (fall) down the stairs
10) The children   (plant) a tree when their mummy  (call)  them
2) Write the most suitable words in each gap (ago, yesterday, last, while, when, as, on, in, at)
1) Tommy's father worked in that office 2 years
2) The plane was flying  8 p.m.  
3) My best friend went to London  month
4) I was having dinner, my sister was having a shower
5) did the supermarket close?
6) Your aunt studied German  2001
7) Rose played in an orchestra  she was 12 years old
8) Jason was swimming  his girlfriend was drinking a coke
9) The TV broke 26th October
10) did he deliver the shopping?
11) My father's friend had a baby
12) The suspect can't have committed the crime. He was having dinner in the restaurant that time
13) My cousin bought the PSP he was in London
3) Which sentence is the correct one?
 1) a) The men were studying on the new project all day yesterday     
     b) The men was studying on the new project all day yesterday       
     c) The men studied on the new project all day yesterday   
2)  a) When were you finishing your project?       
     b) When did you finish your project?
     c) When were you finish your project?
3)  a) You didn't be in the party yesterday
     b) you didn't were in the party yesterday
     c) You weren't in the party yesterday 
4)  a) My sister watched TV while his husband was playing with the children
     b) My sister was watching TV while her husband was playing with the children        
     c) My sister was watching TV while his husband played with the children
5)  a) The students were talking when the teacher was arriving
     b) The students talked when the teacher was arriving
     c) The students were talking when the teacher arrived
4) Fill the gaps with past simple /continuous. Afterwards, write the main verb in the crossword and match the sentence with each picture
1 8
1) Mr. Stevenson  (drive) his car while he was listening to some music
2) Robert  (type) the letter last week because his computer was broken
3) Louis fell asleep while he  (study)
4) Lydia was drinking a glass of coke when Peter (come) in
5) While Michael was jogging , the dog  (chase) him
6) Mrs. Parker (make) some muffins 2 days ago
7) Sam and Pam (ride) their bikes when they were small
8) Joe  (run) as he was phoning his wife