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Relative Clauses

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1. Read the grammar reference:
Give information that is necessary for the full meaning of the sentence.
Example: The boy who won the prize was really happy about it. (essential information to   recognize the subject)
In some cases, when the relative pronoun is followed by a noun, we can omit the relatives who, which and that.
Give extra information that is not necessary for the sentence.
Example: My grandfather, who is eighty years old, goes jogging every morning. (extra information. It's separated by commas)

2. Join the sentences with a relative pronoun (who, which, whose) as shown in the example. Use commas where necessary:

Example: The boy was happy. He won the competition.
                 The boy who won the competition was happy.

a) The girl bought two tickets. She was standing in front of me. .
b) William lost his wallet in the supermarket. He's very absent-minded. .
c) That's the book. It won the Booker Prize last year. .
d) Those are the girls. They didn't do their homework. .
e) My neighbour looks very sad. Her husband died last month. .
f) This is the CD. It was on sale yesterday. .
g) Diane is looking for a job. She was made redundant last week. .
h) That book collection is really interesting. It's about a young witch. .

3. Choose the correct option:

a) Those are the books .
b) Can you tell me
c) Those are the girls
d) David, , has applied for a job in our company.
e) My dog, , is six years old.
f) Our first daughter, , is starting school this year.
g) Those are the trousers .
h) This is the village
4. Join the sentences and omit the relative where possible:
a) That's the old lady. She inherited a fortune. .
b) Those are the boys. I told you about them. .
c) These are the books. David lent me these books. .
d) Josh works hard. He wants to study Medicine. .
e) 2009 is the year. We met that year. .