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Communication between William and Kate

Do you believe it!! Someone recorded the conversation between William & Kate in the Royal Wedding
Can you complete it using the phrases below
a) Don't worry
b) Bye..Bye.
c) my cup of tea
d) I like aisle seat.
e) How's it going?
f)  You can't be serious!
g) How much luggage with you?
h) I hope so.
   William: Hi Kate      Kate: Great.
William:Kate! Tomorrow is the first day of our honeymoon and our flight is at 5:00AM.  Kate:  
William:Oh! No! Take it easy! Everything will be alright.  Kate:  
 William: By the way      Kate: Two cases only.
William: That's Ok. How about in the plane where do you like to sit?    
 Kate:  because window seat is not .
William:The tickets are with me, but don't forget the passports.  Kate:  
William:Now. Let's say Bye to those who love us!  Kate: