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������ Ex. 1. Fill in the sentences with the given words. you can� use each word once.

canteen������� corridor������� foreign������� glue������� laboratory������� playground� rubber������� subject������� term������� timetable
activity������� copy������� gym������� mark������� nursery������� pass� rubber������� ruler������� scissors������� university

1 �� Did you�� your homework from Max?

2 �� The highest� I can give you is a C+.

3 �� The lines must be straight. Use a to help you.

4 �� I started at school when I was three.

5 �� Now, we’re going to cut out the pictures with the .

6 �� They might be in the� , playing volleyball.

7 �� I don’t think I’m going to this test.

8 �� Do you want to go to when you finish school?

9��� I really enjoy learning languages.

10 �� Josie’s in the having her lunch.

11 �� Write in pencil and use a if you make a mistake.

12 �� What’s your favourite at school?

13 �� We can’t go to the today at break time because it’s raining.

14 �� Stick the two pieces of paper together with the .

15 �� There will be exams before the end of .

����� 16 �� Great. We’ve got Science in the next lesson.

Ex. 2. Read and fill in the text with the missing words. The first letters were given.

My brother Peter loves doing sports so� P E is his favourite school subject. He also likes� S because he enjoys doing experiments in the laboratory. He’s not very good with numbers, that’s why he doesn’t like� M.
He often
m mistakes and he’s always very worried when he’s waiting to get the r of his exams.

My sister Amy loves computers so I T is her favourite lesson at school. She also likes G because she enjoys learning about other countries. She’s not very good at remembering dates, that’s why she doesn’t like H. She’s not a very good student. She is sometimes� l for school and she doesn’t always tnotes when the teacher is talking.

Ex. 3. Match the words from column A with the words from column B to make phrases.


A����������������������������������������������� B

1��� do your���������������������������� a ��� students

2��� belong to�������������������������� b ��� best

3��� hand�������������������������������� c ��� a club

4��� motivate������������������������� d ��� attention

5�������� take��������������������������������� e ��� an exam

6��� cheat in���������������������������� f ���� the register

7��� pay���������������������������������� g ��� in homework


A����������������������������������������������� B

1��� learn by����������������������������� a ��� cheating

2��� make��������������������������������� b ��� exam����������

3��� �� play���������������������������������� c ��� heart

4��� �� catch someone���������������� d ��� an active part

5��� retake an������������������������ e ��� behind

6��� fall��������������������������������������� f ���� progress

7��� take������������������������������������ g ��� truant