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Ex. 1. Read the sentences and fill them with the words given.
           There are some extra words you do NOT need to use

atmosphere        career        colleagues        computers        contact        employee     interview          orders        save       

success  candidates        colleagues        company        earns        full    hairdresser        holiday        lost        office        repair

1    I want to be a firefighter and people’s lives.

2    Before I got my job, I had to have a one hour with the manager.

3    I get on well with all my at work.

4    If you work hard at school, you should have a good .

5    My boss loves giving

6    My mum likes her job because she has with people.

7    There’s a really nice where I work. Everyone is really friendly.

8    I’d like to work with .

   I need more money so I’m going to get a - time job.

10    I’d never like to work in an , I think it’s boring.

11    My sister about £800 a month.

12    Can you cars?

13    There were three for the job.

14    Our boss is on this week. It’s great!

15    My dad his job last month but he’s got an interview for a new one tomorrow.

      16    I’d like to work as a when I leave school

      Ex. 2. Fill in the sentences with the missing letters.

1    An b s t looks after other people’s children.

2    A r d s cuts people’s hair.

3    A m h repairs cars.

4    A u helps to look after people in hospital.

5    A po flies planes.

   An h e designs buildings.

   A l        at d serves passengers on a plane.

   A film r t makes films.

   A u w takes care of her children and the house.

10    A b r looks after books and helps you find them.

 Ex. 3. Fill in the sentences with the missing words.

1    What does your dad do for a l?

2    My mum is responsible f thirty-two workers.

3    We are going to go on s to try to get a pay rise.

4    Are you o to new challenges?

5    If you are late to work again, you’ll be f.

6    My dad is 65 next year but he doesn’t want to r. He loves his job.

7    I enjoy my job but it’s very badly p.

   Are you still looking fa job?

   My mum has to work very long h.

10    My dad wants to g up work but he needs the money.

11    I have to work s; either 6am-2pm or 2pm-10pm.

12   I hope we get a pay r next year. I need more money.

13    My brother doesn’t work. He lives on his unemployment b.

14    If mum goes to work, who will take cof my younger sister?