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SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT�The verb must always agree with the subject. This worksheet focuses on �When, Why & How� to make the subject agree with the verb�((definitions, 80 sentences & 1 exercise to complete))�elementar y/intermediate�((B&W VERSION INCLUDED))
Level: elementary
Age: 7-17
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Subject-Verb Agreement
Level: elementary
Age: 8-17
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Subject - verb agreement (part 2) + KEY
Level: elementary
Age: 8-12
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Subject - Verb Agreement (part 1)+ KEY
Level: elementary
Age: 8-12
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Seasons ( A Fairy-tale) : A Complete Project with many tasks : Five Reading Comprehension Tasks+ Two Grammar Tasks ( Simple Present, Present Continuous, Subject-Verb Agreement, Confusing Words, Wh-Questions, prepositions )+ Three Writing Tasks ( Unscrambl
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-12
Downloads: 427

Subject Verb Agreement (Editable with Answers)
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-14
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1���� Aylin and her sister shopping every weekend.

2���� Every man and woman respnsible for his actions..

3���� A lot of the people injured.

4���� Their furniture�badly damaged during the flood.

5���� I need a little more time Sir.Just 5 minutes enough.

6���� Most people spending a night alone.

7���� The police always late in films.

8���� Some of the girls in our school over 18.

9���� One of the cities she would like to live Toscana.

10Some of the countries they may have visited to be Nigeria �and Egypt .

11Each one of us �our own characteristics.

12The weather in some African countries boiling hot in August.

13None of the them shoes to wear.

14The number of casualities�increasing.

15No news good news.

16Your jeans torn.Let me mend them for you.

17A red and yellow car waiting outside.

18One of her friends� from Tokyo.

19There several ways you may solve this problem.

20There easy way to solve it.Let me show you.

21The United Statesa rich country..

22Statistics�hard to learn.

23Chinese very hard to learn .

24The Chinese���hard to understand.

26Neither of you suitable for �this task.

27Everybody����his/her own life.

28Some of the grain gone bad.

29EitherKate or her mother a car. I don�t know which one.

30Gymnastics her hobby.

31The child very sick.

32The children happy playing with their new toys..

33The statistics�the company lost a lot of money.

34 One of Jane�s parents lying.

35Billiards my favourite game.

36Most of the flour used to make a cake..

37Either Martin orhis two sisters at home.

38 Romeo and Juliettaa famous love story.

39 The team members having showers .

40Ted and Lydia their ucle every weekend..

41There no time to escape.let�s hide behind a rock

42 My brothers or my sister the key.I will call them and ask.

43Nobody perfect.