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LOL Disapprove Geek What R U like? Shocked Cry Embarrassed

A.What are these people like? Look at the photos and 
   choose the correct personality words!
1.                            2.                                    3.

4.                                         5.                                     6.  

B. Read what these teenagers said and choose the right
   personality words!
1. "I love to chat with my friends about movies and songs.
     People say I'm very ."
2. "My teachers say I'm an excellent student because I'm ."
3. "I like to tell jokes to my friends. They say I'm the one who's ."
4. "I don't like to go out or hang out with friends. I'm very ."
5. "Do you like to help others or are you always nice to people? So you are  !"
6. "Mary is the one who's really : she's always relaxed and never worries!"

7. "I`m the one who people can trust because I keep their secrets!
     So, people say I`m very ."

C.Now observe this:
Choose the correct option.
A: What  you like?
B: I'  funny and outgoing: I'm the one who  to tell jokes!
A: Who's Bruce?
B: He's the one who  good at sports.
A: What's your best friend ?
B: He's the one who  quiet and shy and  a lot of  books.
A: Who are those people? 
B: the ones who  martial arts.
D. Check this out: 
Now rewrite these sentences using WHO.
           e.g.: Her name`s Mary. She likes to listen to music.
                 Mary is the one who likes to listen to music.
1. That' Sue. She is good at sports.
    Sue  sports.
2. His name's Peter. He plays soccer very well.
     Peter  soccer very well.
3. They're Paul and Phil. They speak Japanese fluently.
     Paul and Phil  Japanese fluently.
4. I am very kind and dependable.
     I  kind and dependable. 

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