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TV programmes
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Age: 10-12
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                                  What's on TV?

1. Choose the most appropriate names for the TV programmes below:

2. Complete the crossword by reading the definitions of TV programmes given in the clues:


1. Children’s programme.  Film made by photographing a series of drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence.

2. It reports current events.

3. A program in which contestants compete for awards.

4. A program where a group of people come together to discuss various topics put forth by a host.

5. A drama, typically performed as a serial on daytime television or radio, characterized by stock characters and situations, sentimentality, and melodrama.  It refers to an ongoing, episodic work of dramatic fiction presented in serial format on radio or as television programming.

6. It shows some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record

7. A television advertisement. It usually tries to sell a product.