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Notting Hill - Dinner scene

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William�invites Ann to her sister's birthday party.

A) Watch the scene and answer the questions. Choose from the following list of characters.

Anna - William - Max - Bella - Honey

...is on a wheelchair?��
...gets too friendly too soon?
...introduces Anna to the rest of the characters?
...offers Anna something to drink?
...is a bit shocked at some moment?

B) Choose the word that corresponds to the definition.

:�� people

�:� marked by calm and self control.

:� you say this when you believe that something very good has happened to you by chance.

:� �opposite of succeed.

:�� past and past participle of bring.

:�� important.

:�� the meat of a bird used as food.

:� someone who looks very much like someone else.

C) Here's the conversation. Fill in the gaps with the words from exercise�B or choose the correct option.

MAX Come on in.Vague food crisis.

BELLA� Hiya -- sorry -- the guinea� is proving more complicated than expected.

WILLIAM He's cooking guinea fowl?

BELLA�Don't even ask.


BELLA�Hi.Good Lord -- you're the� of...

WILLIAMBella -- this is Anna.

BELLA��� Right.

MAX��� Okay.Crisis over.

WILLIAM�Max.This is Anna.

MAXHello, Anna ahm...Scott -- have some wine.

ANNA��� Thank you.

MAX�����I'll get it.
WILLIAM�Red or white?
MAX��� Hi. Yes, Happy Birthday.

MAX� Look, your brother has this girl, and ahm...

HONEY�Hi _______ . Oh holy fuck.

WILLIAM� Hun -- this is Anna.Anna -- this is Honey -- she's my baby sister.

ANNA ��� Hiya.

HONEY ��� Oh God this is one of those moments in life, when it's possible you can be really, genuinely -- and I'm going to just a hundred percent.I absolutely and totally and utterly adore you and I just think you're the most beautiful woman in the� and more importantly I genuinely believe and I've believed for some time now that we can be best friends.�So, what do you think?

ANNA��� Ahm... I think that sounds -- you know -- .Happy Birthday.

HONEY�Oh my God.You me a present. We're best friends already.Marry Will -- he's a really nice guy. Then we can be sisters.

ANNA��� I'll think about it.