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How do I get to the zoo?

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    How do you get to the  zoo?
I. Choose the proper option.
Revision Video 
II. Watch the video and review the vocabulary for giving locations and  directions.
III.Now look at the map below and complete the dialogs.    Use: in front of, behind, between, on the corner of, next to or across from.
Pat: Excuse me. Where's the phone box?
Jim: It's  Town Hall.
Pat: Thanks. I also need to go to the bank. Where is it?
Jim: It's  the Korean restaurant.
Pat: That's great! I love Korean food. Is there a car park nearby?
Jim: Yes, there's one  Palm Street and Queen Avenue.
Pat: How convenient! I also want to go to the theater after dinner.
      Can you tell me where the theater is?
Jim: Sure. It's on Lane Street right  the supermarket.
Pat: Is it  the newsagent and the school?
Jim: Excactly, right  the chemist.
IV. Study the map below. Then number the directions in order.

1. A: I'm at the library on 5th. Ave. How do I get to the hospital?
    B:  It's on the right across from the police station.
    B:  Turn left and go straight down 5th. Ave.
    B:  Go to the corner of 3rd. Ave. and Main St.
    B:  Turn left on Main St. and go past the City Court.  
2. A: I'm at the high school on 1st. Ave. How do I get to the fire station?
    B:  Turn left on Oak Street.
    B:  Go past City Park and turn right on 4th. Ave.
    B:  Turn left and goo the corner of 1st. St. and Oak St.
    B:  It's on the right
 3. A: I'm at the park. How do I get to the cemetery?  
     B:  Turn right on 5th. Ave.   
     B:  Go past State college.
     B:  Go two blocks on 5th. Ave. It's on the left across from the library.
     B:  Turn left and go straight down Oak St.
V. Look  at the map. Complete the conversations.
    Give directions using the word(s) in parentheses.
1) Lucy: Excuse me. How do I get to the police station?
   John: (straight down)-  Palm Street.
           (past)-  the hospital.
           (left)-  on Queen Avenue.
           (one block)-  on Queen Avenue.
           (left)- on Lane Street.
           (left)- It's  next to the Shopping Center.
2) Bill: Excuse me. How do I get to the theater?
   Tom: (straight down)-  Palm Street.
   Tom: (past)-  the Car Park.
   Tom: (next to)-  the Car Park.
3) Liz: Excuse me. How do I get to the phone box?
   Sue: (left)-  on Queen Avenue.
   Sue: (one block)-
   Sue: (right)-  on Lane Street. 
   Sue: (left)- It's  in front of Town Hall.
VI. Read the directions below follow it on the map and right the letter of the location where you got.

You are at Sarah's house on Second Avenue.
1) Turn right and go straight down Second Avenue. Turn left on Central Street.
    Walk to the end of the block. It's on the left. I'M AT
2) Go to the corner of Second Avenue and State Street. Turn left on State   
   Street. Go one block and turn left on First Avenue. Walk to the end of the 
   block. It's on the right. I'M AT  
VII. Choose the correct option to complete the dialog.
A: Excuse . Can you help me? 
B: Sure. Where  you want to go?
A: I want to go  the art museum, please.  do I get there?
B: Go straight down Main . Then turn right  First Ave.
    The theater is  the left.
A: Ok,  you.
                                                            Enjoy it!