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How do I get to the zoo?

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��� How do you get to the� zoo?
I. Choose the proper option.
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Revision Video
II. Watch the video and�review the vocabulary for giving locations and� directions.
III.Now look at the map below and complete the�dialogs.��� Use: in front of, behind, between, on the corner of, next to or across from.
Pat: Excuse me. Where's the phone box?
Jim: It's �Town Hall.
Pat: Thanks. I also need to go to the bank. Where is it?
Jim: It's �the Korean restaurant.
Pat: That's great! I love Korean food. Is there a car park nearby?
Jim: Yes, there's one �Palm Street and�Queen Avenue.
Pat: How convenient! I also want to go to the theater after dinner.
����� Can you tell me where the theater is?
Jim: Sure. It's�on Lane Street right �the supermarket.
Pat: Is it �the newsagent and the school?
Jim: Excactly, right �the chemist.
IV. Study the�map below. Then number the directions in order.

1. A: I'm at the�library�on 5th. Ave. How�do�I get to the hospital?
��� B: It's on the right across from the police station.
����B: Turn left and go straight down 5th. Ave.
��� B: Go to the corner of 3rd. Ave. and Main St.
��� B:��Turn left on Main St. and go past�the City Court.��
2. A: I'm at the high school on 1st. Ave. How do I get to the fire station?
��� B: Turn left on Oak Street.
��� B:�Go past City Park and turn right on 4th. Ave.
��� B: Turn left and goo the corner of 1st. St. and Oak St.
��� B:�It's on the right.�
�3. A: I'm at the park. How do I get to�the cemetery?��
���� B:�Turn right on 5th. Ave.���
���� B: Go past State college.
���� B: Go two blocks on 5th. Ave. It's on the left across from the library.
���� B: Turn�left and go straight downOak St.
V. Lookat the map. Complete the conversations.
����Give directions using the�word(s) in parentheses.
1) Lucy: Excuse me. How do I get to the police station?
���John: (straight down)- �Palm Street.
���������� (past)- �the hospital.
���������� (left)- �on Queen Avenue.
�����������(one block)- �on Queen Avenue.
���������� (left)-�on Lane Street.
���������� (left)- It's �next to the Shopping Center.
2) Bill: Excuse me. How do I get to the theater?
���Tom: (straight down)- �Palm Street.
���Tom: (past)- �the Car Park.
���Tom: (next to)- �the Car Park.
3) Liz: Excuse me. How do I get to the phone box?
�� Sue: (left)- �on Queen Avenue.
�� Sue: (one block)-
�� Sue: (right)-��on Lane Street.�
�� Sue: (left)- It's �in front of Town Hall.
VI. Read�the directions below follow it on the map and right the letter of�the�location where you got.

You are at Sarah's house on Second Avenue.
1) Turn�right and go straight down Second Avenue. Turn left on Central Street.
��� Walk to the end of the block. It's on the left.�I'M AT
2) Go to the corner of Second Avenue and State Street. Turn left on State���
�� Street. Go one block and turn left on First Avenue. Walk to the end of the�
�� block. It's on the right. I'M AT
VII. Choose the correct option to complete the dialog.
A: Excuse . Can you help me?�
B: Sure. Where �you want to go?
A: I want to go �the art museum, please. �do I get there?
B: Go straight down Main . Then turn right �First Ave.
��� The theater is �the left.
A: Ok, �you.
����������������������������������������������������������� Enjoy it!