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Sunny Sunday

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� Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct word.�

�� It's a sunny Sunday afternoon and there are many children playing in the park. Some are riding 1) bikes, others are playing hide and seek, a 2) are running around, two or three are eating an icecream, a boy is reading a book 3) an old pine tree, a toddler is about to give his 4) steps, two girls are telling 5) other secrets and some teens are 6) stones into the lake. There are several parents 7) their children; there are birds singing 8) the wind is blowing 9) . It's a lovely afternoon,isn't 10)?

1) a. there�� b. they're�� c. their
2) a. few�� b. little�� c. lots of
3) a. next�� b. under�� c. between
4) a. last�� b. fast�� c. first
5) a. each�� b. one�� c. to
6) a. throwing�� b. pushing � c. catching
7) a. seeing�� b. looking�� c. watching
8) a. when�� b. but�� c. and
9) a.
softly�� b. soft�� c. softer
10) a. they � b. she � c. it