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Susanīs Holiday (Reading Comprehension)

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READ THE TEXT. Pay attention to the underlined verbs.

Susan is a student. Last year she went on holiday to Spain. It was her birthday so it was 5th May. She did not have much money so she wanted to stay at a cheap hotel. She did not book a hotel. She wanted to get a room after arriving to the hotel. But when she arrived at the airport in Spain a thief stole her credit card. She did not have much money, so she did not stay at the hotel. She stayed in a tent on the beach but she liked it. She saw many interesting things there. She saw the sea, the stars at night and many people. She ate ice-cream and pasta. The weather was nice. It did not rain. She liked the hot days because she swam in the sea and tanned on the beach. She bought some postcards and sent them to her friends and relatives. She did not stay on the beach all her holiday. She travelled around Spain by bus. It was not expensive. She was happy that she had a one-month holiday because there were so many interesting places to see. She liked everything, but she did not like the coffee, so she drank wine and tea. The weather was very hot so she swam in the sea every day. She did not speak Latvian, she spoke English. She visited many monuments but she did not visit galleries or museums because she does not like museums and galleries. She met a lot of new people and she liked it. But Susan had two more problems on her way. First she lost her camera with all her photos, and when she was on a plane back to Riga a thief stole her purse. Luckily there was no more money. When she arrived at Riga airport she called her parents and they took her home.

Choose the right one. If you are not sure, consult your dictionary.

A student

A holiday

A problem 

someone who goes to school

time when you go to school

a situation when you are happy

someone who travels

time when you rest

a situation when you are sad

someone who goes to work

time when you go to work

a nice situation

A tourist

A hotel

A camera

  someone who travels

a place where you stay when you travel

a thing to pay at a shop

  someone who steals things

a place where you live every day

a thing to take pictures with

  someone who drives a car

a place where you can see monuments

a thing to call friends or relatives

A thief

A beach


  someone who goes to school

  a place at the sea

alcoholic drink

  someone who travels

  a place in the city

drink people drink in the morning

  someone who steals things

  a place in the airport

a drink for children

Reread the text if necessary. Tick the right answer. Do not tick the answer if it does not match the information given in the text.  


She went on holiday on


She did not like


15th May

  5th May

 25th May


 the food

 the coffee

 the weather


She stayed


She swam in the


 in a hotel

 in a tent

 in a motel

 with friends




 swimming pool


She saw many interesting


She spoke










She ate


She visited










She liked


She met



 the weather

 friendly people


 many new people

 her parents

 her old school mate


She bought


She lost her




 new clothes



 credit card



She traveled around Spain by


On her way back the thief stole






 her camera

 her purse

 her baggage


She had a one _________ holiday


Her_______ helped her