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Picture description

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1. Complete the sentences with the appropriate PRESENT CONTINUOUS form to say what the people in the pictures are doing. Use the verbs in the box:

CLIMB          EAT          PAINT           TALK          READ          SUNBATHE             PLAY 

       GO               DANCE           DRINK                 CRY
A. A boy           B.  A boy and a girl              C. Two people          D. Homer and                 E. A girl
       a good book.                            salsa.             a ladder.                                              Bart           a lollipop.
                                                                                                                                                                    for a walk.
F. A girl                         G. A man         H. A man        I. A man        J. A man
                       golf.                                          his house.                               on the phone.                         and  lemonade.
      a lot.
2. Choose the most appropriate word to complete the description of what they're wearing and match the description to the appropriate picture. Use CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES:
  •   - The woman is wearing a purple  and purple  and the man is also wearing a blue  and

          black .

  •   - The girl is wearing a pink  , pink  and pink


  •  - The girl is wearing a red , red  and a yellow  on her head. The boy is wearing blue , a green  and green .


  •  - This girl is wearing a pink and white , a blue , white  and black .


  •   - This man is wearing pink   and  to protect his eyes from the sun.


  •   - The man is wearing blue , a light blue , a light blue  and brown .
3. Complete the passage with the most appropriate words to describe the SCENE. What are they doing? What is there? What are they wearing?:
      This is a . There are a lot of , some animals, some f, and some t. I can also see a  on the right. There are  people at the moment. Two children  their bikes. The first one is wearing a green  and the second one a purple . I can see two teenagers  sandwiches and  at each other. They're  summer clothes. The girl is wearing a red  and a red and yellow . She's also wearing red . The boy is wearing a  white and red t-shirt, red , a blue  and blue . There is a boy called Jonathan who is  rocks and bothering other people. Amelia, a girl in green  and sweater is  pictures of the deer and the natural landscape. Oscar, a man with a yellow  and blue  is  water from the fountain. Some children are  flowers with their grandma. Her name is Carmela. She's wearing a purple  and a red . She's got    hair. There is also a boy called Daniel who is  rubbish and a helpful man called  is  the rubbish and putting it in a big bag.





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