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3 exercises Dependent Prepositions

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1.     I am accustomed  being talked about.

2.     She thanked us  the help and left.

3.     It is foolish to blame you  the fail.

4.     They never accuse anybody  anything.

5.     We will try to hope  the best.

6.     She arrived  Belgium in the morning.

7.      I believe  second chances.

8.     As soon as she had arrived  the shop she bought the book.

9.     It is foolish to count  other people.

10.                   They did not borrow anything  us.

11.                   We did not agree  the terms.

12.                   We forgot to congratulate her  Christmas.

13.                   I have been thinking about it  a long time.

14.                   It is no use objecting  the rules.

15.                   I am not relying  you.

16.                   We have prepared  the show.

17.                   I did not comment  your behavior.

18.                   It is not easy to put  the situation.

19.                   I hardly ever agree  anybody.

20.                   I like to speak  him.

21.                   They should not rely  anybody.

22.                   It is not good if a person suffers  pain.

23.                   What are you waiting ?

24.                   Who are you talking  ?


1.      No one has been able to account  this situation.

2.      It is quite different  the one I saw last week.

3.      It is very difficult for me to communicate  you.

4.      I am rather amused  the situation.

5.      Am I supposed to draw a rabbit  my hat?

6.      They did not cope  the task.

7.      It is no use threatening me  a detention.

8.      Your help only interferes  my work.

9.      Why are you insisting  it?

10.  I am so pleased  you!

11.  It is more than kind  them.          

12.  She was supposed to come  time.

13.  Who can prevent you  making mistakes if not yourself?

14.  Why are you shouting  me?

15.  They received an official warning  the court.

16.  I did not have time to dress .

17.  Listen, I am really sorry  the problems I have caused.

18.  She did not have any money and she could not get  without help.

19.  It is rather nice  you to organize a housewarming party.

20.  They are so different but they get  rather well.

21.  Your lies amount  unbelievable level!

22.  Why are you so surprised?! I have warned you against getting  trouble.

23.  The plane took  just as it was due.

24.  She was under so much strain no wonder she finally cracked .

25.  If the task turns out to be too difficult then I usually go in awhile.

26.  If I have time, I will ring you .

27.  Even if you do not know the answer it is not a solution just to make it .

28.  If you want to succeed then you must not turn .


1.      They tried to escape  the punishment.

2.      She was too far so it was too difficult for me to make  her face.

3.      I am afraid I am not familiar  the rules.

4.      The guest checked  at the reception and went to their room.

5.      The work consists a thorough analysis and a conclusion.

6.      I do not remember his address I will look it  later today.

7.      We do not subscribe  any magazines or newspapers.

8.       They have not still responded  us.

9.      What are you staring ?

10.  We did not feel envious  their victory.

11.  I am not sure that it is relevant  the case.

12.  I do not know what it depends .

13.  It is not possible to hide  a dog.

14.  I am innocent  this trespass.

15.  As soon as she recovers  the cold she will return back to work.

16.  I am proud  what I have done.

17.  I always pray  God in difficult moments.

18.  The judge charged him  a punishment.

19.  We will pray  you.

20.  She tried applying  the supervisor but it was in vain.

21.   We are looking forward  your visit.

22.  They did not dare to apply  the position.

23.   Wild animals sometimes get  people.

24.  This box is made  cardboard.

25.   You have put it  for too long. Now you are short of time for that.

26.  The cake is made  fresh berries and curds.