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Free Time Activies



A - Unscramble the words and find out the hobbies and free time activities.
1. DNARPAGLIGI� ����� 6.�GGJINOG ���������������������11. LAYPGIN� RTSAD ���
2. HPISNGOP �����������������7. KSY� RUGNSFI ������ 12. NASYGMICTS
3. GNIHUNT ��������������������8. INGNOEAC ���������������� 13. BLEAT� NNITSE
4. MMIWINGS ��������������� 9. SHECS ����������������������������14. GNIDARW
5. CLYCGNI �������������������� 10. GINSGIN ������������������� 15. GHTSDRAU
B - Choose the right options. Two are correct.
1. Which of the following are extreme sports?
�scuba diving��������� �kitesurfing��������� �sleeping��������� �surfing the net���������
2. Which of the following are indoor activities?
�rock climbing���������darts���������������� �horse riding���� ��karate
3.�They�are played between two teams and a ball is required.
�diving��������������� � �running����������� ��water polo������ �basketball
4. Two of these are played on a board. Which?
�draughts������������� ��weightlifting����� ��chess���������������skating
C - Read the descriptions and find out the activities/ sports.
1. I really enjoy looking for bargains.���� �
2. It is played on a board with different shaped peaces, such as kings.���������
3. Jumping from a plane and floating slowly to the ground.���������
4. You need�gloves, and poles to�do it.���������
5. Trunks and a cap are required to practise it.���������
6. You cannot do this without oars.���������
�D - Fin the ten hidden words.

Good Luck!