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Hobbies anmd Free Time Activities

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Free Time Activies



A - Unscramble the words and find out the hobbies and free time activities.
1. DNARPAGLIGI        6. GGJINOG                      11. LAYPGIN  RTSAD    
2. HPISNGOP                  7. KSY  RUGNSFI        12. NASYGMICTS
3. GNIHUNT                     8. INGNOEAC                  13. BLEAT  NNITSE
4. MMIWINGS                 9. SHECS                             14. GNIDARW
5. CLYCGNI                      10. GINSGIN                     15. GHTSDRAU
B - Choose the right options. Two are correct.
1. Which of the following are extreme sports?
 scuba diving           kitesurfing           sleeping           surfing the net         
2. Which of the following are indoor activities?
 rock climbing         darts                  horse riding       karate
3. They are played between two teams and a ball is required.
 diving                    running              water polo        basketball
4. Two of these are played on a board. Which?
 draughts                weightlifting        chess               skating
C - Read the descriptions and find out the activities/ sports.
1. I really enjoy looking for bargains.        
2. It is played on a board with different shaped peaces, such as kings.           
3. Jumping from a plane and floating slowly to the ground.         
4. You need gloves, and poles to do it.           
5. Trunks and a cap are required to practise it.         
6. You cannot do this without oars.         
 D - Fin the ten hidden words.


Good Luck!