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Test For 8th Grades (Part 2)

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1.   When my mother ____, I ____ the shirt.

was coming / ironed

came / was ironing

were came / were ironed

come / was ironing


2.    Which national day is on 29th  October?

National Sovereignty and Children’s Day
Victory Day
Republic Day
Youth and Sports Day


3.   She went home ______she was tired.

because      and       so       but


4.   I haven’t got a car _____I have got a bike.

or        and           so         but


5.   He worked hard _____he passed his exams.

because      or       so       but


6.   I studied English _____Art.

or         and            so         but

 7.   In my room, there is a bed _____ a desk.

or         and            so         but


8.   'I like staying with this family _____they are very friendly.

because      and       so       but


9.   The student can't buy that book . It's  ___ expensive.

too            and                 enough          no


10.   The box is _____ heavy for me to lift.

too            and                 enough         no


11.   I can't hear the television. It isn't loud_____

too            and          enough         no


12.   Your face is dirty. You  ________wash it.

should            shouldn’t     could     can’t


13.   Emily is on a diet. She _________ eat  cake.

should         shouldn’t      could      can’t


14.   You ______visit your grandparents every week.

       should       shouldn’t     could      can’t

15.   Everybody _____do physical exercise every day.

        should          shouldn’t         could      can’t 


16.   Mary is a ___ swimmer.

slow        slowly      quickly     well


17.   Andrew plays the piano ___.

beautiful                          beautifully

slow                                  quick


18.   Patty doesn't cook ___.

good         well     fastly          bad


19.   This is a _____ book.

       hardly       Slowly       good     well


20.   He's speaking _____.

slow          quick        slowly           angry