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Part One Directions:��Choose the correct answer for the�sentences and questions�below.

  1. Culture is the way of life of a group of people.�
  2. Amina��� anjera for breakfast.� What part of culture is this?�
  3. Some people from Somalia �to dance dhanto.� What part of culture is this?�
  4. In my culture people �a scarf over their hair.� What part of culture is this?�
  5. Every year the family �reads the poem "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve.� What part of culture is this?�
  6. Education �very important in many cultures.� What part of culture is this?�
  7. Mohamed �Islam.� What part of culture is this?�
  8. Kazuhiro and Yuuya��beautiful pictures with black ink.� What part of culture is this?�
  9. Amane, Adile, and Urgesa �Oromo and Amharic.� What part of culture is this?�
  10. The young girl �to hip hop and rap.� What part of culture is this?�

2 9
Part Two Directions:
Use the clues to write the part of culture in the puzzle.

  1. This is something very important in your life.
  2. Painting, pictures, and pottery.
  3. Folk dances.
  4. Budhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam
  5. Arabic, English, French, Oromo, Somali, Spanish, Swahili
  6. Dresses and Pants
  7. Cold Sandwiches
  8. Something you always do that has been passed down from generation to generation.
  9. Playing the drums.