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In the garden

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 Watch the video.  
Not to break the copyrights the YOUTUBE video has been deleted.
 Learn the words by heart.                                                
               A  SLUG                    A  SNAIL                         BIRDS
                GRASS                    FLOWERS             A  BEE
                                                       A TREE                                   SKY
                          GRASS                                              BIRDS                                      A SLUG
                          SKY                                                   SKY                                         A SNAIL
                          BIRDS                                               FLOWERS                                BIRDS
                          SKY                                                            A SLUG                                            A SLUG
                          A SLUG                                                      A BIRD                                             A SNAIL
                          A BEE                                                         A BEE                                               A BIRD
                         A FLOWER                                             A SLUG
                         A TREE                                                     A SNAIL
                        A GARDEN                                               A BEE