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                                        Listen to the nice song and fill in the blanks.

There are many kinds of
I see them everywhere
I love   and  


When I go walking I see circles
Everywhere I go
A  is round like a steering wheel
It's shaped just like an "O"

Like the big bright  
And a cinnamon 
And the wheels on a  
Round and round they go

Like a big  
Like the big full  
How many kinds of circles
Do you know?


I see squares when we go to town
They're everywhere you turn
They have four sides of the very same length
Let's see what we can learn

Like a   box
And my toy  
Equal sides of 1,2,3,and 4
Like a picture frame
Or a  
A square is just a shape that I adore


Here and there I find triangles
Look around and see
And a triangle has three sides
One and two and three

Like a  pizza
A piece of   is nice
How about a great big
Ice cream   ?

Like a  
Or the sail on my  
Or a steeple, or the shape of the roof
That's on my home


I share my house
With a lot of rectangles
Let's just take a look
With two sides long
And two sides short
They're shaped just like a  
Like my front  
And the  on my floor
Like a fridge, like a  
Like a bed, like a stereo

Like a Kleenex box
And my  grandfather
I see rectangles
Everywhere I go!

There are many kinds of shapes
I see them everywhere
I love circles and rectangles
Triangles and squares.