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Present Simple or Present Continuous

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Simple Present or Present Continuous
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Expand the following sentences in order to make true statements with doesn't or don't where necessary.

For example: rice/grow/on trees

Rice doesn't grow on trees.

1) chicks/hatch/from eggs 

2) kangaroos/live/in Spain 

3) plants/need/water to grow 

4) cows/lay/eggs 

5) the sun/set/ in the east 

6) rain/fall/from clouds 

7) elephants/eat/meat 

8) fish/walk/on a land 

Read the following extracts and put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.

A These days, it seems everything 1) is changing (change). Cities 2)(become) bigger and busier every year, technology 3)(develop) faster than before, and scientists 4)(learn) more about the way things work.

B Roger 1)(kick) the ball and 2) (pass) it to Jones. Jones 3)(run) down the pitch. He 4)(pass) the ball to Smith who 5)(shoot) and 6)(score).