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My family

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My Family
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Age: 6-10
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"Me and My family" - Reading comprehension for Upper elementary and Lower Intermediate students
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My family (3)
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My family
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"I Love My Family" - The 1st 45-minute-lesson (of 2) -- Reading leading to writing for Elementary and Lower intermediate students
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This is my family!
Level: elementary
Age: 10-17
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                          My family

1) Complete the sentences and find them in the wordsearch above:
A) My uncleīs son is my _____________.
B) My motherīs sister is my ___________.
C) My husbandīs father is my ___________.
D) My fatherīs mother is my ____________.
E) My sisterīs daughter is my ____________.
F) My father and my mother are my __________.
G) My fatherīs brother is my _____________.
H) My sonīs children are my ______________.
I) My daughterīs husband is my ______________.
J) My f____________ is big.