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The Scared Babysitter

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The Scared babysitter

You are going to watch a video of a babysitter. His name is Gary.
His best friend Todd wants to scare him.
Todd and the TV-show "Scare Prank" plan a joke.
Gary goes to a house to be a babysitter - he thinks...
What is the name of the girl Gary has to babysit?�
What is the name of the girls dead sister?
Where is the mother going?�
The little girl asks Gary, if he thinks you can talk to people, when they're in Heaven. What does Gary answer?�
Suddenly the TV turns on. What does Elyssa say?
She also says: "No, Gretchen! I don't want to go !!"
Finish this conversation:
Gretchen: Who �you??
Gretchen: What� you�� with my sister?
Gary: We're just
There is a bowl of nuts on the table. What happens?
Who does Gary call to get help?
Who tells him that it was all a joke?�
Well done!
: ) Karina