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Writing about pros and cons - part 2

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Writing about pros and cons - part 2
Give the correct order of the sentences to get an introduction by matching the numbers 1-5!
  • Many�of them like the idea of living far away from the stress and noise of big cities.
  • In the following I would therefore like to show the pros and cons.
  • Living in the country is often a secret dream of city-dwellers.
  • In fact, it has both its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Furthermore, a balanced consideration will be given afterwards.
Which of these points are the advantages and which are the disadvantages of living in the city?
���� ������������������������������������������������������������� �� ����
a� lot of entertainment������������������ no parking lots����������������������������������� �infrastructure
justification: ������ �justification:���� justification:
�������������� ������������������������������������������������������������
�pollution������������������������������� many people������������������������������ many jobs�
�justification:������������������� justification:������� justification:
�flats and offices����������������keeping animals������������������� �no beautiful nature������
�justification:������justification:�� justification:
The following�facts could be used to justify the arguments above. Fill them in, please!
dirty air, noise � many shopping facilities to get everything you need �crowded streets, buses, trams � needed for outdoor activities ��city centres do not have enough space�� often forbidden by landlords ��many bars, theatres, cinemas � places to live and work � schools, hospitals nearby � many companies and institutions