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Grade 7 Vocabulary Quiz: Donīt Give Up!

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Grade 7 Unit 10: Don't Give Up!

Please watch the video, then type the correct word in the box.

accept, advice, badly, break, carefully, cloudy, compete, confident, congratulations, give up

1.       : v. to stop trying to do something
2.      : adj. having confidence
3.       : adv. very much; in a way that is not good
4.       : adj. when it is cloudy, there are clouds in the sky
5.       : adv. with a lot of attention so that you do not make a mistake
6.       : v. to separate into two or more pieces
7.       : v. to agree to take something
8.       : v. to try to be more successful than someone or something else
9.       : n. an opinion someone offers you about what you should do in a particular situation
10.     : n. something that you say when you want to congratulate someone

Part 2

consider, go on, hard, impressive, motivation, nervous, perfectly, quietly, stand up, windy

1.       : adj. If something is impressive, you admire it because it is special
2.      : v. an opinion or decision that someone has reached after a lot of thought
3.      : v. to move to a vertical position from sitting or lying down
4.      : n. the need or reason for doing something
5.      : adj. with a lot of wind
6.       : adj. with a lot of effort
7.       : adv. making little or no noise
8.       : adj. worried and anxious
9.       : adv. in a perfect way
10.     : v. to continue