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Test Linking Words

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Testing Linking Words!
Read the following composition about the role of work in society. Your job is to choose the best connector/linking word for each case. Consider structure and meaning.
In modern society, work has already been a necessary means by which all the people live in the world,  a few exceptions. First of all, people must work get the money to meet their living. , there are some more reasons that are also important for people's working, of which making continuous progress is what I mostly want to emphasize.

As we all know, the human being is an animal greatly more advanced than, and greatly different in many aspects from other common animals in the world such as cats, horses and so on. feeding is not the only aim that people live for, as is said in a Chinese saying, “human beings are not living for only living.” People also need to make continuous progress personally in the modern and continually changing world. And all kinds of work give people one of the most effective ways to make progress, which can be illustrated by some reasons below.

First of all, people can learn varieties of basic knowledge and abilities that they need to deal with all kinds of problems they may meet in study, life, or work in current society. All the abilities, except for those physiological functions, people need to live in the world are not innately, of which family and school could supply only a small part, and most of them must be given by work. For example, proper relationship in work is the basic warranty of your working successfully. While in work, you would learn how to deal with the relationship between you and your leaders of your company, if you are an ordinary employee, or the relationship between you and your followings if you are a director mastering the company. this rule can surely also be used when you affiliate with other people you meet in society.

, on the way of making continuous progress, people usually can't control themselves correctly by themselves in two basic aspects: the direction and motivation of progress. , in the course of work, people will not lose their basic direction according to the daily task given to them. As the same time, once you have a fresh task that can interest you, you also will process the motivation to finish it, which keep you making progress in your life.

In a word, there are various kinds of reasons that people need to work, some of which usually combine to each other. So far as to me, , making continuous progress is one the most important reasons because it is people's one of the most expected aims in their life, and work gives people a very effective approach to reach the aim.
Text adapted from Way Abroad 185 Toefl Writing (Twe) Topics And Model Essays