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The end of the elementary school test - 2011

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                                                                    TEST - 2011


                                                                    The end of the elementary school test


I   Choose the correct option.


1.     My bicycle is too old. I need ……………


a new

a new one

the new one


2.    The two of them agreed ………….. the date for the wedding.







3.    Where would you go if you ……………….a choice?


    did give

    were given

    have been given


4.    At the end of the performance the whole audience…………..and applauded for several minutes.



was raised

was risen


5.     He set up……………useful network that everyone was satisfied.



    such a

    such an


6.     You………. do it right now. There’s enough time.






7.     It is considered bad ………….. to shout at someone.






8.    This is the house…………..was broken into.







II   Read the text first. Then fill in the appropriate form / tense of the

       verbs in brackets in the passive or active voice.
During my last summer holidays, I (1) (send) on a language course to London.
It (2) (be) great and I think I (3) (learn) a lot. Before I (4) (go) to
London, I (5) (not enjoy) learning English. But while I (6) (do) the
language course, I (7) (meet) lots of young people from all over the world. There I (8)
(notice) how important it (9) (be) to speak foreign languages nowadays. That's
why I (10) (revise) English grammar at the moment.
III   Fill in all the blanks with one suitable word.
(1) 122 AD , the Roman Emperor Hadrian visited his provinces in Britain. On his visit,
the Roman soldiers told (2) that Pictish tribes from Britain's north had attacked them.
So Hadrian gave an order to build (3) protective wall across one of the narrowest parts
of the country. After 6 years (4) hard work, (5) wall was finished. It was 117
kilometres (6) and about 4 (7) high and it was guarded (8) 15 000 Roman
soldiers. Every 8 kilometres there was (9) large fort in (10) up to 1 000 soldiers
found shelter.
IV   In each of the following sentences there's one mistake ( not a spelling one). Find the mistake and write the correct sentence.
1.  Your brother, who lives in Spain, is coming to visit us, doesn't he?
2.  A young lady was annoyed by her boyfriend insensitive remarks.
3. Every old house has their strange stories, doesn't it?
4. There's nobody here apart of me. 
V   Use the appropriate form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences.
1. Before the book, she spent five years on research. (begin)
2. Most employees are paid . (month)
3. They were really  in my project. (interest)
4.  is not appreciated enough these days. ( polite)
5.  Thank you. You've been very . (help)
6.  Girls, enjoy at the party. (you) 
VI   Write the following sentences using reported speech:
1. "What skills did Mr. Johnson teach at the University of Minnesota?"
        The dean wants to know  
2. "Don't keep your mobiles on during my lecture!"
        The professor warns the students