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What time is it?
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Before doing the exercises, spend a few minutes taking a look at these pictures.


1-What time is it? Choose the correct answer.


It's twelve o'clock                   It's four o'clock                  It's one o'clock                It's six o'clock
It's half past twelve                 It's half past four                It's  half past one             It's half past six


It's half past three               It's half past three                It's six o'clock                      It's half past nine
It's three o'clock                 It's four o'clock                   It's half past six                    It's nine o'clock

2- What's the time? Write.





3-Listen and choose                                                 



4- What's the time?Choose the correct answer.


It's half past one               It's quarter past two             It's quarter to four                 It's half past six
It's quarter to one             It's quarter to two                It's quarter to five                  It's six o'clock
It's quarter past one          It's two o'clock                    It's quarter past four              It's quarter past six

It's quarter to ten                  It's quarter past five             It's quarter to five                   It's quarter to six
It's quarter past three            It's quarter to five                It's quarter past five                It's quarter past six
It's quarter past ten               It's quarter past three           It's quarter to four                   It's quarter to seven

5- What time is it? Write.



6- Listen and choose.




Let's have fun!
 Say it out loud and enjoy!






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