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A. Choose the correct infinitive to complete the sentences. Then match each sentence with a question.

1. I'm calling the doctor's office   an appointment.   
2. I need to go online  some research on
places to go on vacation.   

3. I have to go to the embassy  my visa.   

4. Rita needs a photo ID  the country. 

5. My wife and I are going   a friend at the hospital.  
6. Her teacher is going to call her parents  about her low grades.   

a. Is it possible to take children?

b. Is it appropriate to talk about it on the phone?

c. Is it normal to ask for this document?

d. Is it necessary to go to this office to get your passport?

e. Is it hard to consult him?

f. Is it easy to find unusual spots?

B. Use the words in the box to complete the dialogue.

                get     know     learn     necessary     safe     say     visit

A: I want to  the slum of Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, so I need to  a phrase book to  some Portuguese.

B: Is it  to  Portuguese?      
A: Well, yes, I think it's nice to  hello and thank you and things like that.   

B: Is it  to go alone?

A: Definitely! It's pacified now.




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