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the end of primary school test - 2007

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                                                                                              T   E   S   T - 2007
                                 the  end  of  primary  school  test
I     Circle the correct option.
1. I don't think we've met before. You're confusing me with ...............  .
    some other
    someone other
    other person
    someone else
2. She doesn't know how little time ...............  .
    is there
    it is
    there is
    is it
3. We have seen the birthday present ............... Jim got.
4. That's the hotel ............... we stayed last year.
5. It was ............... useful information.
    such a
    such an
6. It's only ten o'clock. You ............... hurry.
7. I couldn't hear what she was ...............  .
8. John's got some great  news, ............... ?
    isn't heL
    is he
    has he
    hasn't he
II   Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb form using
       each verb only once if using the words in parentheses if there are any.
     BE      INVITE       PREPARE      TAKE PART       ATTEND       HAVE     MAKE
Last night we (1) the fashion show of a promising young designer. Emily Johnson is only 20 but she (already)(2) several shows. She (3) 10 when she (4) her first dress. At the age of 15 she (5) to present her creations at the local fashion show. Now she (6) her summer collection. Hopefully, next year she (7) in London Fashion Week.
III   Fill in all the blanks with ONE suitable word.
(1) doorbell rang and my sister entered (2) waiting (3) someone to let her in. "You sure picked  (4) good day (5) going away," she yelled over  (6) shoulder  (7) me as she put (8) sack of groceries she was carrying (9) the table. "Arizona couldn't be any hotter (10) New York today."
IV   In each of the following sentences there is ONE mistake (not a
       spelling one).  Find the mistakes and rewrite the sentences correctly
1. Mary is a good friend of you, isn't she?
2. She divided her possessions equally among her two children.
3. Fifteen divided with five is three, isn't it?
4. The news spread quickly, didn't they ?
5.  Every royal palace has their secrets.
V   Use the appropriate form of the words in brackets to complete
      the sentences.
1. Those over there are Picasso's.    (draw)
2. Some senators reacted  to the President's speach.   (angry)
3.  has never been a desirable quality.  (lazy)
4. Freeing  from the trap, the mouse ran away.  ( it)
5. The Smiths had two  holiday last year.   (month)
6. She has two . (brother-in-law)
7. This is of the  importance of all. (little)
VI    Make three WH-questions for the following sentence.
        (Make sure that this sentence is the answer to all of them.)
      Tom and Peter were talking to Jim about Margaret.
other possibilities: