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the end of primary school test

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                                                             T  E  S  T

                                           the end of primary school test – 2006


I  Choose one of the verbs given below and fill in the blanks with
   the appropriate form/ tense of the verb.


        stop      begin       block      crash        hit     throw      die      cause     starve     bring


Many scientists believe that a large asteroid (1) into the earth 65.000.000 years ago. The asteroid (2) huge amounts of dust and water into the atmosphere (3) out the sun. The vegetation (4) off and the dinosaurs (5) to death. One scientists says that asteroids (6) more than half of the species extinction since life on Earth (7) 600 million years ago


II   There are TWO mistakes (not spelling ones) in each line.
      Find them and rewrite the sentences correctly.
       (don't use quotation marks in your answers)



1.   “A lady which foot this slipper fits is my true love,”  


2.    told the Prince. “I am visited every house in search of her.”          

3.    Cinderellas stepsisters rushed to try out the slipper.
4.    They squeezed and pushed so hard as they can,
5.    but their clumsy foot were far much big for the tiny shoe.


III  Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the words in 


a)      When I saw the two (1) (thief) in my living room, I was really (2) (frighten).

    b)      You should wear  (3) (comfort) shoes when you go sightseeing because
         it can be quite (4)   (tire).





IV    Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronoun


1. Everybody enjoyed   at the party.

2. Mark and I went to the match with some friends of   .




V    A dialogue at baggage reclaim at Gatwick Airport in London.

      Fill in the blanks (1,2,3,7,8) with the correct form / tense
      of the verbs in brackets and make questions for the underlined
      words (4,5,6)


Passenger:  “Excuse me. One of my cases (1) (not arrive).

Officer:       “ Can I see your ticket, please? You (2)  (come) from Amsterdam on flight
                     BA 17, and you have three pieces of luggage.”

Pasenger:   “ Yes.”

Officer:       “ Right. I (3)  (take) the details. (4)  (look)?

Passenger:  It’s black. It’s big with my name and home address in Amsterdam.”

Officer:        “ Thanks. (5) (you, stay) in London?”

Passenger:  At the ‘Hilton’ hotel.”

Officer:      “(6)  (you,be) there?”

Passenger:  Two weeks. Until October 5th.”

Officer:      “ Thank you. Don’t worry. When it (7) (arrive), we (8) (phone)
                   you at your hotel.”

VI   Write the dialogue between Carol and her friend Amy.

       Use all the words given below and add necessary ones


Carol: “ You / late / again! Why / you / can / not / be / time/ ?


Amy:” I am sorry. I / just / leave / when / telephone / ring./. It was Ellen.

           She / want / some / help/ her English assignment.”


Carol: “ (1)!  (2)?

Amy:” I am sorry. (3) I  (4)  .

            It was Ellen. (5) ."



VII    Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of :

            a  few         easy        high        a little


Children get sun burnt more (1) than the adults. Sunscreen for children should have the (2) possible sun protection filter number, not (3) than 15 and contain (4) chemical ingredients than sunscreen for adults.