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Adjectives: character and personality 1

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Here are some adjectives used in English to describe character and personality
Read the sentences below and fill in the blanks with one of the adjectives from the LIST:
ARROGANT���������CAUTIOUS����������� �COWARDLY���������� DISHONEST������ FRANK������� KIND�������� PROUD����� �PUNCTUAL
1.� �If I were you, I wouldn�t trust Joanna. She�s very �and she�s always trying to cheat people.
2.� �My Maths teacher is very but I look up to him because he also works hard and he is very respectful.
3.� �I took my cousin�s children to the cinema yesterday. I was surprised how they are. They have very good manners.
4.� �When I told my boss that my father was seriously ill, he was very .
5.� �Maggy is such a girl! She always comes out with clever and amusing remarks about any sort of things.
6.� �I hate people who only think and care about themselves. What about everybody else�s rights?
7. ��He�s a hundred per cent sure that he is going to succeed in the film industry. He�s very �.
8.�� I regret being so �with her about her new boyfriend but I like giving my opinion straightaway.
9.� �My friend Sally always wears glasses because she�s very about the scar on her eyebrow.
10. You can trust her. She is very �. If she says she won�t tell anybody, she won�t.
WORDSEARCH: find the adjectives from the list that match the following pictures:
����� ������ �