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1.- Write the names.



2.- Complete: What's the time?

  It's eight.        It's four.        It's seven.

3.- Write sentences about vamp's day.

1.- He gets up at

2.- at quarter to seven.

3.- He has lunch .

4.- at quarter past four.

5.- .

6.- He goes to a party .

4.- Listen and complete the song.

Daily Routines

In the morning, I .
Hurry up, hurry up,
Breakfast is ready.

In the morning, I get dressed.
Hurry up, hurry up,
Go to .

In the afternoon, I do .
Hurry up, hurry up,
Give me the .

In the afternoon, I'm with my .
Hurry up, hurry up,
Go back .

In the evening, I have a bath.
Hurry up, hurry up,
 is ready.

In the evening, I  to bed.
Hurry up, hurry up,
Go to sleep.
Hurry up, hurry up,
Go to .



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