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the end of primary school 2008

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T E S T - 2008

                                    the end of primary school test
I     Choose the most appropriate option:

1. How many sheep   there in the field?

2. I only bought this book because I was  by its cover.

3. There were a lot of people but  of them was aware of the danger.

4. You   worry.

5. The coffee tastes  .

6. You should stop your friends.


II Fill in the blanks with a suitable pronoun:

1. Pigs eat all the apples   fall down.

2. She has a friend   job is to train dogs.

3. What was the name of the hero  killed the monster?

III Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the words in brackets.
Well, this friend of (we)  ( 1) has a dog, which he bought for his (daughter)     (2)
(ten) (3) birthday.  The dog is always (get)    (4) into trouble. It has already (dig) (5) up
 their garden.  One Friday it turned up with a (death)  (6) rabbit in (it)  (7) mouth, which he (drop)
  (8) on the floor of (they) (9) living room.


IV Fill in the blanks with a, an, the or   -  if you think that no article is needed:

In (1)  France most of  (2) people want to have (3) very long time for  (4) lunch.
In (5) UK it doesn’t seem to be important, because (5)  people take (7) very quick sandwich
 or just  (8) apple and it’s OK.





V Fill in the blanks with the appropriate verb forms using each verb only once:


be, exhaust,   buy,     get,     hide,    feel,     bring,     pretend



Alan and David came to a small inn and stopped  (1) bread and cheese. A pretty girl served them.

Alan told David  (2) to be ill.
“We (3) in hiding for many weeks”, said Alan, “and my friend is  (4).
We (not)  (5) safe until we (6) across the river. “The girl was very sorry for them.
She (7) them a hot meal.  Later Alan and David  (8) in the wood.


VI Make the questions for the underlined words / phrases:

The jacket cost twenty pounds.

   (1)                    (2)
1. ?


2.  ?




VII Correct the following sentences.

1. Seventy – six – years old A. Smith said to the reporters.



2. “I don’t know why did they keep me so long in prison.”

  "  "


3.  Nobody never told me.



4. Now, I am looking forward to live a good life.