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There was/ There were

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1. Complete with THERE WAS/ THERE WERE in the affirmative, interrogative or negative:
a)  a new student in your class last week? Yes, .
b)  any students in the library at 3 o'clock yesterday.
c) I think  a boy waiting for you yesterday.
d)  any chicken left when I arrived home at lunchtime.
e)  any water in the fridge last night? I don't think so.
f)  any people at the museum?
2. Complete and match with the pictures:
a) When I arrived to the canteen,  any bread.
b)  a mouse under the chair and my mother started to yell!
c)  any students in the classroom when you arrived?
d)  any waffers left when Kevin came home. His brother had eaten them all.
e)  someone working in the garden when I passed by.
f)  a delicious birthday cake and I ate a big piece.
3. was, were, there was or there were?
a) William Shakespeare  a famous poet and playwright.
b)  some people waiting for you at the door.
c) How many apples  in the cupboard?
d) We  very tired when we finished the PE lesson.
e) You sister  at the cinema with her friends last Friday.
f) How much milk  in the fridge yesterday?
g) Miguel de Cervantes  born in 1920.
h) The police  investigating a crime in my area.
i)  a lot of people at the concert last night.
j) We  happy with the exam results.
4. Change the following sentences into the negative (use short forms):
a) There was a girl at the door. .
b) We were very happy with the test results.  .
c) Was there anyone at the door? .
d) Were you in Italy in 2003? .
e) William Shakespeare was born in 1566. .