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City places

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                     Glitter Text 
A.What places are these?
1. A                        2. A                         3. A
4. A                       5. A                    6. A
7. A                        8. A                       9. A
10. A                     11. A                    12. A
B.Type the correct places!
A: Where can we watch movies?
B: In a  .
A: What's the place where you buy books?   
B: In a .
A: This place has a lot of stores and restaurants!  
B: It's a
A: What's the place where you wait for buses?  
B: It's a  !
A: Where can we buy medicine?  
B: In a  !
A: You see different animals in this place.
B: It's a  .
C.Analyze these locations:
1. Use  with the name of a street.
2.  means "at the back of a place".
3.  is the point where 2 streets meet.
4. "In the middle of 2 places" = .
Look at the map and click on the right locations:  
1. The hotel is  the bank and the bookstore.
2. The  restaurant is  the bank.
3. There's a church  of First and Second Street.
4. The school is  First Street.
5. The mall is  the post office.
6. The museum is  from the church.
Now type the correct location.
A: Where's the post office?
B: It's  the mall, on 1st street.
A: And where's the bank?
B: It's  the restaurant and the hotel.
A: What about the bookstore?
B: It's  1st street,  the church.
                                                                    Have fun! LOL Glitter Text