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�Do youto play�?

A.What are their hobbies? What do theyto do?
�� Click on the right words.
1. He likes to ����������������� ��2. She likes to����������� ����3. She likes to
����� �� � �
4.�They like to ����� �5.�He likes to �����������6.�He likes to

B. Type the missing words!
1.�Bob likes to karate!
2.�They�like to�volleyball at the beach every Sunday.
3.�These guys like to the guitar everyday!
4.�Grace likes to �twice a week.�
5.�Brad and Paul like to action figures! Look:
6. Josh likes to nice pictures after school.��
C. What do you say in these situations?
A: I`m a terrible singer, but I can sing for you!
B: Oh my god: �Let`s watch Tv...
A: I like to cook and I can cook for you!
B: Really?
A: I like to play instruments and I can play heaqvy metal for you!
B: Oh, no... �Let`s�go to the movies.

D. Analyse this:

��� Now type DO or DOES and click on the correct words.

A: What your friends �to do on the weekends?
B: They like to �karate.

A: How often she �volleyball?
B: She �volleyball three times a week.

A: he like to �action figures?
B: Yes, he !

A: When you �these pictures?
B: I �draw them after school.

E. Observe this:

�� How can you best complete these questions?

A: �do you practice martial arts?
B: Twice a week: on Wednesdays and Fridays.

A:��sports does she like to play?
B: She likes to do karate!

A: �do they draw or paint?
B:On weekdays, after school.

������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Enjoy it!