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 Do you to play ?

A.What are their hobbies? What do theyto do?
   Click on the right words.
1. He likes to                     2. She likes to                3. She likes to  
 4. They like to        5. He likes to            6. He likes to

B. Type the missing words!
1. Bob likes to  karate! 
2. They like to  volleyball at the beach every Sunday.
3. These guys like to  the guitar everyday!
4. Grace likes to  twice a week. 
5. Brad and Paul like to  action figures! Look:
6. Josh likes to  nice pictures after school.    
C. What do you say in these situations?
A: I`m a terrible singer, but I can sing for you!
B: Oh my god:  Let`s watch Tv...
A: I like to cook and I can cook for you!
B: Really?  
A: I like to play instruments and I can play heaqvy metal for you!
B: Oh, no...  Let`s go to the movies.

D. Analyse this:

    Now type DO or DOES and click on the correct words.

A: What your friends  to do on the weekends?
B: They like to  karate.

A: How often she  volleyball?
B: She  volleyball three times a week.

A: he like to  action figures?
B: Yes, he !

A: When you  these pictures?
B: I  draw them after school.

E. Observe this:

   How can you best complete these questions?

A:  do you practice martial arts?
B: Twice a week: on Wednesdays and Fridays.

A:  sports does she like to play?
B: She likes to do karate!

A:  do they draw or paint?
B:On weekdays, after school.

                                                                                            Enjoy it!
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