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the end of primary school test

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I Choose one of the words given below and fill in the blanks
  with the correct form/ tense of the verb:     Smile


  SEE    THINK    DRIVE     HAVE     STOP     BE     LEAVE     BUY
It was Friday evening. Helen    (1)  her office at 5.30 and (2)  out of town
towards her house. She (3) a fruit seller beside the road. Helen (4)  and
(5)  a melon.
‘Mum and I  (6) (not)   a melon since last year,’ she (7)  .

II Write a dialogue between a doctor and a patient.

    Use the correct form/tense of the verbs in brackets.      Ouch

Doctor: What can I do for you?

Patient: (1)  .                    (1) /I (hurt) my foot/

D: Yes, It’s a bit swollen.

D: (2)  ?                     (2) /How long it (be) like this/

P: A couple of days.

D: (3)   ?                      (3) /How it (happen) /

P: (4)  .                       (4) /I (fall) over/

D: I see.(5)  .                       (5) /I (put) a bandage on it/

III  Fill in the blanks with the present tense of the verbs
   MUST and NEED.   Wacko


  Nick (1)  a computer. It (2) (not)   belong  to the newest  
 generation, but it (3)  be of good quality and it (4) (not)be too  expensive.  Nick (5)( not)  a laptop.
IV Write the following percentage in words. Approve



V Complete the sentences with the appropriate

    REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS.   Embarrassed

1.  Children often imagine    in exciting situations.
2.  Have you ever imagined   in a spaceship alone?
3.  Can you imagine a car that can steer   ?
VI Make comparisons using the words in brackets.  Wink

The rhino is one of (1) animals in the world.                        (large)

Its body is (2)  than a giraffe’s.                                             (heavy)

and its head is much (3)                                        (big)

Bit it is not (4) as a hippopotamus.          (dangerous)

VII Complete the dialogue with: MANY, SOME, MUCH, ANY, NO. LOL
A: How (1)  luggage can we take?
B: We can take (2)  extra food but we can’t carry (3)  unnecessary 
A: You mean to say that I can take (4)   CDs at all?
B: Of course not! You can take (5)  but not too (6)  .
VIII Fill in each blank with one of these words:  Tongue
     on    over     because of     until   in     soon   across   although

An amaeur astronomer in Australia took a picture of a new bright star (1)   he

didn’t know what it was (2)  later. (3)   telephones were ringing,

telegrams were sent  all (4)   the world.

IX Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the words in 
      brackets.   Thumbs Up
Nick’s (1)  to Boston was fine.                                                           (fly)
He hopes for another (2)  .                                                             (invite)
Agatha’s Christie’s thrillers have a surprise (3)  .                           (end)
There are some (4)   words in our language.                                    (Holland)
You’ll have to buy at (5) a dozen.                                                     (little)
                                                 Clap           Clap     Clap