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Can & Could

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                      Ability or Possibility

                                            I can do something                                                             

                                    I know how to do it. It is possible for me to do it.                                         

                                            I could do something                                                          

                                    In the past I knew how to do it. It was possible for me to do it.                    

. Use the words  can  can't  could  couldn't to complete the sentences .
a.  Bob  swim but he  when he was two years old..
b.  Steve's younger sister  surf, but he .
c.  Last week it was sunny and we  go swimming, but this week  we .
c.  Russel  play the violin, but he  play the piano.
d.  Seaturtles  swim, but they  fly.
e.  Tony  cook now, but he   before taking cooking classes.
f.  Snails  jump, but  frogs .
g.  Kimi  dance with fans, but she  dance  samba.
h.  Hippos  fly, but they  swim.
i.  Joe  whistle at all.  Now he .
j.   Lisa  play baseball, but she  when she was three.
k. Mary was so busy that she  accept the invitation to go out.
 . Choose the correct options.
a.    Before Asmau came to the USA, she  can  can't  could  couldn't speak English.
Now she   can  can't  could  couldn't understand everything.
b.  Nancy  can  can't  could  couldn't run a hundred miles when she was younger.
c.     Brian was so tired last night that he   can  can't  could  couldn't  sleep.
d.  We had a great picnic last Sunday, but my friend Bob   can  can't  could  couldn't  come.
e.  I   can  can't  could  couldn't somersault now, but I  can  can't  could  couldn't  when I was two.
                                                                                                                                                                    Anna Pessôa