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Can & Could

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���������������� ��/
����������������������Ability or Possibility

������������������������������������������� I can do something�������������������������������������������������������������

������������������������������������I�know how to do it. It is possible for me to do it.�����������������������������������������

������������������������������������������ �I could do something����������������������������������������������������������

����������������������������������� In the past�I knew how to do it. It was possible for me to do it.��������������������

. Use the words �can� can't� could� couldn't to complete the sentences .
a. �Bob �swim but�he �when he was two years old..
b. �Steve's younger sister �surf, but he .
c. �Last week it was sunny and we� go swimming, but this week �we .
c. �Russel �play the violin, but he �play the piano.
d. �Seaturtles �swim, but they �fly.
e. �Tony �cook now, but�he �before taking cooking classes.
f. �Snails �jump, but �frogs .
g. �Kimi �dance with fans, but she �dance samba.
h. �Hippos �fly, but they �swim.
i. �Joe �whistle at all.� Now he .
j. � Lisa� play baseball, but she �when she was three.
k.�Mary was so busy that she �accept the invitation to go out.
. Choose the correct options.
a. Before�Asmau came to the USA, she��can� can't� could� couldn't�speak English.
Now she���can� can't� could� couldn'tunderstand everything.
b.��Nancy��can� can't� could� couldn't�run a hundred miles when she was younger.
c. �� Brian was so tired last night that he���can� can't� could� couldn'tsleep.
d. �We had a great picnic last Sunday, but my friend Bob���can� can't� could� couldn't� come.
e. �I���can� can't� could� couldn't somersault now, but I��can� can't� could� couldn'twhen I was two.
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