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Complaining about poor hotel service

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Complaining about poor hotel accommodation
Multiple choice exercise 

Situation: You organized a business trip for 20 members of your executive staff at a hotel. Unfortunately the trip did not come up to your expectations.

That's what went wrong:
- the staff was unfriendly although the hotel leaflet  promised excellent service
- the hotel was advertised as being the best place for a successful business meeting - the meeting room was too small for 20 people
- the hotel guests had to wait for breakfast for half an hour
Task: This is the letter of complaint you wrote to  the hotel manager, Mr Brown. Choose the correct expressions:
Dear Mr Brown,
We from a conference at your hotel and  wish to complain the following:
we must  mention that your staff was rather unfriendly and first class service, as you advertised in your leaflet.
Secondly, we were very disappointed about the size of your meeting rooms. They were definitely too small, , when booking,  I had pointed out  we would need a room for 20 people. This made work rather difficult and stressful.
Finally, after all these nuisances, we for half an hour until breakfast was eventually served.
We  that  the stay at your hotel wasn't worth the price we paid. Under circumstances we consider it fair to ask for some sort of compensation.
Hoping to get a favourable reply