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I like, he likes

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A. Match the sentences with the pictures:

  1. I like playing football.                                                        
  2. I like running.
  3. I like watching TV.                                               
  4. I like swimming.                                                                                      
  5. I like dancing.
  6. I like playing basketball.
  7. I like playing computer games.
  8. I like skateboarding.
B. Complete the sentences - choose the correct word.
  1. Paul  playing tennis.
  2. I  coming home.
  3. My mum  playing football.
  4. I  running.
  5. My parents  swimming.
  6. Simon  watching TV.
  7. My brothers  playing basketball.
  8. I  playing computer games.
  9. My sister  dancing.
  10. My dad  going to the sport centre.
C. Rewrite these words:
pnlaiyg ftloolba
wchignat VT
D. Read and complete the sentences.
My name is Linda. I'm seven. I like swimming. I don't like playing football. My sister's name is Lucy. She is ten. She likes running. She doesn't like dancing. My brother's name is Mike. He is eleven. He likes playing football. He doesn't like going to the sport centre.
Me                                    My sister                            My brother
Name:                                    Name:                                           Name:
Age (number):                           Age:                                                    Age:
I like:                                She likes:                                   He likes:
I don't like:             She doesn't like:                    He doesn't like:
E. Choose the correct word: 
Paul                            my friends
Marry                          Ann
my sister                      my dad
my brothers                   Polly
Peter                          Jack
my uncle                       my auntie
My mum                      my brother and sister